First Post…. Woot!

Hello world,

Those of you that know me, know that I’ve tried this blogging thing before and that I’ve failed miserably… hopefully this time will be a little more successful ^^.

The reason I’m starting this blog is that at my company (Netsurit) runs a ‘dream workshop’ where we are encouraged to come up with a list of dreams and goals and then work towards them in a structured manner. It’s really quite a cool idea, and it makes the whole corporate drag a little less 1984 and a little more Band of Brothers. Anyway, one of my dreams is to write a book (or a couple books actually, I’ve got a few ideas) but I’m suffering from ‘blank page syndrome’, and I thought that if I can just get into the habit of writing, I can pull it off…. So I’ll be publishing this on OddThoughts and the corporate intranet… hopefully around once a week.

What am I going to be rambling on about? Well…. Whatever I happen to be thinking when I sit down to write, but I should warn you I am the Lord of Geeks, so if technology, transhumanism, quantum mechanics and games of all sorts bore you… you should stop reading now ^^.

Aaaand in other news: (these are snippets, I’ll probably blog in more depth about these topics when I’ve got nothing else to ramble about).

Robotics Prof Fears Rise of Military Robots: I don’t know how many of you keep up with advances in robotics technology, but it really is getting scary (or exciting, depending on your point of view). The US army already have lots of UAV’s and it’s only a matter of time before advances in AI make autonomous robots a reality…. SkyNet anyone?

Turning Work into Play with Online Games: This is a cool idea…. Although, judging by my slow rate of leveling in WOW, I think I’ll stick with a conventional promotions model ^^.

How to Print Living Tissue: A lot of scientists have recently been talking about a longevity tipping point, where the technology to prolong our lives starts advancing faster than we actually age… would it surprise you to know that some estimates put that date at around 20-30 years from now? We might be the human race’s first immortal generation. This article is about another piece of the puzzle.

Augmented Reality To Help Mechanics Fix Vehicles: Just a new use for AR… the line between the digital world and the ‘real’ world is getting blurrier and blurrier every day. Already I think I might live more in the digital realm than I do in so called ‘real’ life… my brain certainly does it’s work there, so it’s going to be interesting to see what effect this sort of cross-over has on our lives.

Ok… that’s it for now… I think that went pretty well, don’t you? I’ll hopefully see you again next week. Same geek time, same geek place. ^^


“Peace Sells, but who’s buying?”


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