The Censorship Trend

We all know about how the Chinese government censors the Internet, and the problems it has caused for Google and by extension the US government. Only a terrible dictatorship like the Chinese could possibly want to filter the Internet, right? WRONG! It could be that they’re the only ones who can pull it off.

Australia has been trying to push through a similar filtering scheme (although they probably won’t stop words like freedom and democracy), but they’ve been forced todelay the implementation.

This should make us all wonder about our governments and what they have in mind for us. If they didn’t tell us that they were filtering our Internet access, would we even notice?

In the News:

Robots In Space – NASA has plans for a space robot… And they’re calling it R2… I’m seriously geeking out… it’s so cool!!!

FDA Approves Vaccine For Prostate Cancer – Not 100% effective… but it’s certainly a start

More Energy in Less Space with New Ultracapasitor – power is always the biggest problem for small devices, this should help.

UK Docs Perform First Remote-Control Heart Surgery – early days still… but it’s a fully successful test of a technology that will let the top specialists to save lives all over the world.

Whew… just made it…. almost didn’t get a post out this week… it’s been hectic at work (despite the public holiday). But I did make it, and you’re reading it… so it’s all good ^^ Have a great weekend.





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