Violent Video Games and human nature

Steve Napierski over at Dueling Analogs posted a strip this week about a report by the world health organisation saying that video games are a contributing factor in child obesity. Steve sees it as another extension of the bad press around video games, specifically violent ones.

I’ve never really weighed in on the subject, so I thought I’d give you my two cents: Human beings are predators, we evolved with forward facing eyes and aggressive tendencies so that we could hunt our food. As Cormac McCarthy said, “War was always here. Before man was, war waited for him. The ultimate trade awaiting its ultimate practitioner.” We’re a violent bunch, if we weren’t playing video games then we’d be watching an action movie, boxing or going out the roman circus to see gladiatorial combat.

What I do find troubling is the small number of games that are creative rather than destructive. The few that are around, like Guitar Hero, Farmville or Tamagochi (remember those?) seem to do very well. Maybe we should be encouraging the positive games rather than declaring war on the negative ones… that would seem to be far more consistent to me.’

In the news:

iPhone finally gets multi-tasking – it took you long enough….

Aussie Army Trains With Fleet of Robots On Segways – so cool! I want to have a run.

South Korea Announces Daily MMO Blackouts For Youths – very interesting since South Korea is one of the worlds  most technologically adoptive countries, and that they’ve got a HUGE market in neatly free MMO’s.

Power Beaming For UAVs and Space Elevators – it’s getting closer and closer, the Stage1 prize was taken at last years Space Elevator Games, lets hope for some more breakthroughs at the competition this year.

NSA Develops USB Storage Device Detector – and big brother sees just a little bit more than he did before.

First Pulitzer Awarded To an Online News Site – welcome to the digital age….

My post last week was a little weak ^^…. so I’ve added a couple pics to it so that you can all get a glimpse of Matt and Ian’s awesomeness. Hope you enjoyed the post, as usual – tell your friends ^^


Zeus most glorious and most great, Thundercloud, throned in the heavens! Let not the sun go down and the darkness come, until I cast down headlong the citadel of Priam in flames, and burn his gates with blazing fire, and tear to rags the shirt upon Hectors breast! May many of his men fall about him prone in the dust and bite the earth!
– Homer (The Illiad)

2 thoughts on “Violent Video Games and human nature

  1. Your headline reminds me of the saying, if video games influenced people, then those who grew up in the eighties playing pac-man would be taking pills in dark rooms with flashing lights and listening to repetitive music. 🙂

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