WebComics vs. WebManga

You might not realise it, but there has been a debate raging around certain nodes of the internet. Namely: what is the difference between WebComics and WebManga. There have been panels about this at numerous conventions, blogs and rants by cartoonists, writers and fans… so what’s it all about?

WebComics seem to follow a more western style, both in artwork and composition, something like the Sunday newspaper cartoons: each strip has a limited number of panels (usually 3 or 4), is usually self contained (doesn’t have a story-line that must be read to understand the comic) and will most often provide one joke per strip. Some examples of WebComics would be ThreePanelSoulMacHallRealLife and AppleGeeks.
WebManga, on the other hand, follows more of a Japanese theme, with Manga-inspiredartwork and a complex story line. This is where it gets a little confusing, because if we want to avoid a third category called WebGraphicNovels, we must add the comics with a western drawing style and complex stories to the WebManga group. Examples are stuff like MegaTokyothe Order of the Stick or ErfWorld.
So that’s my definition: WebComics are a joke a strip, while WebManga have more complicated stories… but that’s just my two cents, what do you think?
In the News:
Iceland Volcano’s Ash Grounds European Air Travel – I’m sure you all know about this… it’s insane what a huge effect it’s had…. there are dinosaur extinction theories that start remarkably like this.
Using Your Thought-Controlled iPhone to Dial Home – sugoi!!!! told you it was coming.
China hackers stole key Google program – Google’s single authentication code was stolen… supposedly by Chinese hackers… they’ve changed the code, but it’s still a massive worry for your privacy.
SETI To Release Data To the Public – the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence tries crowd-sourcing… cool ^^
And there you have it, another week, another post. Tune in next week: Same geek time, same geek place.
“You know what they call a quarter-pounder in France?”

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