So I finally did it… I finally missed a post. Frankly, I thought this would happen far sooner (even with the incredibly fast  and rigid update schedule that I run ^^), but even so I do owe you an apology… so… I’m sorry I missed a week… i guess ^^.

The reason that I didn’t post last week was that I was at a training workshop on implementing SharePoint 2010 and was stuck in a lab without Internet access. It was pointed out to me that I have Internet access at home…. but who wants to take time out of their off-time to do something like this? ^^ (if my boss happens to be reading this, then I must stress that I do most of the research in my off-time, and I write the posts when I’m watching progress bars).

So… you guys are in for a real treat this week…. or maybe not. I’m going to do two posts, this one and another that shifts away from the geeky theme and into the nerd-realm with a tutorial on how to setup something or other in SharePoint 2010 – it’ll probably be either cascading lookups in the OOTB InfoPath upload forms or content management through the Document Center… I’m sure you’ll all be totally engrossed… ^^

In the news:

Israel’s Value to Transhumanism – cool article… I hadn’t realised that Israel were so technologically advanced… but in hindsight, it’s the only way it could work.

Brain-like evolutionary bio-computer – these guys have created a biological based computer that can evolve itself to solve complex problems… sugoi!!!!

Every Tree is a Quantum Mechanic – studies into photosynthesis have shown that this natural process uses quantum tethering… cool.

NASA Planning Lunar Mining Tests, Other New Tech – the latest programs suggested by NASA

Website Sells Pubic Lice – no… it’s not a typo… I only have one question…. why? For the love of all that is holy… WHY?!?!

Android Sales Surpass iPhone Sales – proof… that there is stuff cooler than an iPhone.

Thanks for stopping by, check back later in the week for that tutorial and I promise that I’ll try avoid missing another update.


“ye like dags?”


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