Cyborg me

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

As I alluded to in a post a few weeks ago, I consider a lot of us (especially people who would read a blog like this one) to be cyborgs.

Wikipedia defines a cyborg as “a being with both biological and artificial parts.” Most of us don’t fit into the standard definition, with notable exceptions like Oscar Pistorius, but if we look at it with a little more insight then I think you’ll agree with me.

While we don’t have any physical enhancements, I think that the degree to which the internet as a whole and social media specifically have infiltrated our lives shows that we have grafted these non-physical artificial constructs to us as surely as if it were a robotic arm.

Internet addiction is a recognised problem and even if you don’t accept it to that extreme, I am sure you’ll agree that getting completely disconnected would make the life you live at the moment impossible.

So, yes, I’m a cyborg… but not a very cool one. I would enjoy being able to punch through a brick wall, or have a bullet-proof head, but more than anything else I want aH.U.D. It would be incredible to be able to pull up information about the people I see (I’m so bad with names), directions, a working compass, even warnings about incoming projectiles (food fight anyone?) and display it as an overlay over the world I see. There are some awesome people working towards this, and I can’t wait till it hits commercial use.

In the News:

UN appoints space ambassador to greet alien visitors – About damn time… should have done this ages ago… unless you want the US military saying hello for you? … no? … didn’t think so.

Hawking questions the “Theory of Everything” – in a surprising change of opinion, the worlds biggest brain now doubts that we will ever find one scientific theory that will explain everything

US Senate votes to turn down volume on TV commercials – now if we could only get them to do it here too…

First Potentially Habitable Exoplanet Found – Hopefully we won’t wipe ourselves out before we can get there.

Exoskeletons advance human-robotic augmentation – cool article that sums up the field as it stands now… I’ll start saving for my very own Gundam.

Hope you enjoyed the post – if you liked it, tell your friends… and post a comment ^^


“I find your lack of faith disturbing”



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