Defining art

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Art is an incredibly difficult concept to nut-shell. On one hand, I feel that anything that is produced as the result of someone’s creative process should be considered art (even if it’s bad art), but on the other I look at some examples of “modern” art and cringe. A lot of it seems to be more and exercise in marketing than creativity, random collections of objects that are post-rationalised by people trying very hard to sound esoteric and self-important

What got me onto this? Well, I don’t know if you notised, but there’s a new link on the right to a great site called Surviving the World. This is what has been termed a “Photo-comic”, and there’s a lot of debate about whether or not it classifies as a web-comic, a photo-blog or just a random collection of meaninglessness. Personally I think Dante is a literary genius and his unique presentation is something to be envied.

In the News:

Film Industry Hires Cyber Hitmen to take down Internet Pirates – …and since this article, said Hit men have themselves been whacked by 4chan for their troubles. It’s never a good idea to attack people on their home ground… Sun Tzu, Russia and now 4chan.

Kiribati makes huge sacrifices for future generations – I hope we can all follow in their visionary footsteps.

BP Seals Macondo Well Permanently – About bloody time!

Airbus to build a transparent plane – … you think you had a fear of flying before? Try fly on one of these.

Water on Moon is bad news for China’s lunar telescope – It’s great news for a possible colony, but it will cause havoc for China’s plans

Another week, another post. Tune in next week. Same geek time, Same geek place.


“If free verse is considered poetry, then aren’t we uttering stanzas with every sentence that we speak?” -Dante Shepherd, STW



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