Do you really want the excuses?

Yes, I know I haven’t posted in ages… for the sake of brevity, lets just assume that you accept all my thoroughly convincing excuses and leave it at that, shall we?

This past weekend was ICON, Joburg’s Comicbook/gaming/anime convention, and I geeked out for the whole weekend… it was awesome ^^. Besides playing a few magic games (damn you Sean with your bloody blue control) and buying magic cards, I actually managed to make some lasting purchases this year. I got all the boxes and bits I need for my Necomunda gang, and a new wave of motivation to finnish off the terrain board project (more on that in future posts). I also managed to get hold of some truly epic wall-scrolls from Samurai CamplooFull Metal Alchemist and DeathNote.

I even got in a game of Settlers of Catan, which I have never played before (very Neo-Geek, i know, but I have now corrected this travisty, so you can sleep without worry from now on). Even though I made some very rookie mistakes during the setup round, it was great fun… I think I’ll try the tournament next year.

All told, my only complaint for this year’s ICON was a shortage of mugs… as all old hands know, you get free coffee all weekend if you have one of them, and this year’s mug was particularly cool… so imagine my devesation when I was only able to get hold of mine on Sunday. Ah well… I suppose I don’t really need to drink 3 cups an hour.

A big thank you to everyone who organised, visited or displayed at this years ICON, it was great fun… Thanks ^^

In The News:

Artificial Cornea To Reach Patients This Year – cool… I want cyborg eyes too!

Masten and Armadillo Perform First VTVL Restarts – the private space industry is rock(et)ing… and looking to have a much safer product than any state run institution.

Thermal Energy Storage Device For Directed Energy Weapons Tested – maybe Dr. Evil can get his “lazer beams” after all…

Japan Successfully Deploys First Solar Sail In Space – I love seeing the dreams of SciFi writers turned into actual, tangible, real-world technologies… it’s too freaking awesome for words.

OK! there we go… and I will hopfully get back into my (kinda?) regular posting schedule from now on… I’ve got alot of news saved up… so if the above links are a little old… deal with it.

“If it weren’t for the last miniute, I wouldn’t get anything done”



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