Educating South Africa

Friday, August 6, 2010

Education should be a major priority in this country, in any 3rd world country, but our programs seem to be plagued by a lack of proper management and, more importantly, a lack of quality teachers.

Fifty years ago the only way to combat a shortage of teaching skill was to train more teachers or increase class sizes (which also impacts on the quality of education received), but we now live in the digital age – isn’t there another way?

Wouldn’t it be possible to bring together the very best teachers in every subject and have them record their lessons? With (relatively) little capital expenditure, it would then be possible to provide the best possible lesson presentations to every single learner in the country.

Sure, in class-room teachers would still be needed to answer questions, discuss problems and advise students, but with this method every student would have access to the same level of quality teaching. No more inequality. No more complaints. Either learn or don’t, it’s entirely up to the student.

I’m sure that there are alot of holes in this plan, and I know it won’t be the same as having a top-notch faculty in every school, but it’s a plan, isn’t it? wouldn’t it be better than the current system?

In the News:

The Possibility of Paradox-Free Time Travel – OK… if anyone gets this to work, come back in time and meet me at my place, next Wednesday at 6.

Boeing Shows Off First Commercial Spacecraft – can’t wait till I can afford a ticket to the moon holiday resort

Driverless Cars Begin 8000 Mile Trek – judging by the driving skills of the people I meet on the road everyday… this technology can’t get here fast enough.

U.S. Navy Laser Weapon Shoots Down Drones in Test – “laser beams” … so cool!!!!!!

Facebook User Satisfaction is “Abysmal” – As George Carlin once said, “I did not need you to tell me that…”, I’ll probably do a post sometime on how much Facebook has irritated me.

Whew… just managed to get the post in before the end of the week. Thanks to my gorgeous lady for reminding (reading kicking) me about it 🙂 …. tune in next week for more of the same.


In Sanskrit, the word “ethics” is shila, which is etymologized as meaning “attainment of coolness”.

– from Altruism and the Six Perfections – the XIVth Dalai Lama



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