Media Freedom

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Our government’s recent talk about limiting the press in South Africa has been waving a huge red flag in this country and abroad. Press freedom is a cornerstone of democracy and widely held to be a key weapon when fighting corruption.

We’re constantly bemoaning the government, but our excuse for not doing anything is always “what can I do about it?” … well, if nothing else you can do this:

Go to the Right To Know ( website and add your name to the petition. Talk your boss into adding your company, tell your friends, tell your relatives, show your Granny how to log onto the Internet and sign up.

This is it folks… time to step up.

In the News:

NASA Buying Private Companies’ Suborbital Rocket Flights – great news for the private space industry

FBI Prioritizes Copyright Over Missing Persons – shows that there is something VERY wrong with our society

Scientists Develop Brain-Microchip Bridge – …. where can I get mine?

Human Tests of Mind-Controlled Artificial Arm To Begin – a serious, real, honest, SciFi-like Cyborg? pure distilled awesomeness.

The Hidden Security Risk of Geotags – yet another privacy worry in the Internet… who didn’t see this one coming?

Two posts in one week (even if it is two different months)… it must be snowing.


“The free press is the mother of all our liberties and of our progress under liberty.”

-Adlai R. Stevenson



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