Mother-nature is stronger than we thought….

Monday, August 30, 2010

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know all about BP’s disaster in the gulf of mexico. Like me, you were probably wondering just how much of a natural disaster this would turn out to be. All those gallons and gallons of oil spilling into the ocean would start the scale at an Oceanic Chernobyl and end it at global apocalypse.

Then scientists discovered that a lot of that oil had simply disappeared… and after more testing concluded that some bacteria was eating it… saving the oceans, and us, from our all too human folly.

Great news, yes? I can hear the cries ringing from the corporate strongholds now, “mother-nature can look after herself! Nothing we do will matter!”. Ya right…. if our planet can come up with a way to mitigate a disaster like that… how long do you think it will be before she comes up with a way to mitigate us?

I’d prefer to see this taken as a warning rather than an invitation to continue on our current, self-destructive, course.

In the News:

Richest Planetary System Discovered – we’ve found the most populous planetary system yet… cool stuff.

Video Adverts On the Printed Page – this is not the first place I thought this technological awesomeness would present itself.

Why the World Is Running Out of Helium – I find it hard to countenance that a group of supposedly educated people would be this short sighted.

Wheel Of Time Movie in 2011 (maybe) – if they do it well… this could be the most epic fantasy movie franchise ever!!!

Look For AI, Not Aliens – an insightful article about why SETI might be looking in the wrong place.

Tensions Rise Between Gamers and Game Companies Over DRM – I’ve mostly avoided adding my two cents to this debate. It’s a touchy issue… Game companies have the right to protect their products from piracy… but what they seem to be doing is making it easier for consumers to use pirated games than real ones… weird.

Germany To Grant Privacy At the Workplace – with the wave of proposed ‘internet reforms’ sweeping the planet, it does me good to see some countries trying to save the medium.

And that’s it for this week… hope you enjoyed it. If you did, post a comment below (the link that says ‘comments’) and tell your friends to swing in and give it a look. Thanks.


The nice part about being a pessimist is that you are constantly being either proven right or pleasantly surprised.

George F. Will



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