Quick post

Friday, October 22, 2010

I’m quite busy at the moment, so instead of a real post you get a partial site redesign, a background and a bunch of links 🙂

Here’s your background:

I’d also like to send a shout-out to my boet J. It’s awesome to have you in Joburg bru.

In the news:

The new face of warfare, Cyber attacks – a positively scary article about politically motivated cyber attacks

Space-Ship Two has a successful test flight – great news for the space tourism industry

What makes people play farmville – even though I used to play it, I still didn’t know… but this article does make a lot of sense.

China Scouts Moon Landing Sites – if they don’t find American footprints up there, then I’ll believe all you people who say the original moon-landing was a hoax… not before.

Google’s autonomous car drives through city – and they didn’t even tell anyone… but it worked… woot!

Suing the CIA – Don’t know if I’d have the balls, but an IT firm is suing the CIA over the software used to run the Predator Drones.

Global commitment to space docking standards – I hadn’t thought about this… but in hind-sight it’s crazy that it took them so long.

Japanese digital pop-rock signer does live shows as a 3d hologram – only the Japanese would do something this cool.

NASA confirms water, gold and other elements on the moon – and while mining might not be cost efficient at the moment, this will at some point make it viable for us to have a real colony there… awesome.

Thanks for stopping past. I hope you enjoyed it.


“Only Robinson Crusoe had everything done by Friday.”



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