Top 5 reasons I don’t use FaceBook

Monday, September 27, 2010

Earlier this year, I went from checking into my Facebook every 5 miniutes to maybe once every 2 months and here are the top 5 reasons why:

5. No more over-share – I don’t want to know what you had for breakfast or how drunk you got last night. Nor do I need to listen to you fighting with your boy/girl-friend. Have some self respect will you?

4. Overloaded interface – when I started using facebook, it was actually useful. Now it’s as filled with all the bands, causes, quizzes and assorted other random junk that stopped me ever getting into MySpace.

3. Being invited by “friends” – I no longer have to wrack my brain to remember whether or not I liked that person from primary school that just friended me and I don’t have to feel unaccountably guilty when meeting someone for the second time because I rejected their friend request 5 months previously.

2. No more Hobo-Vampire-Farms – I used to spend a lot of time harvesting, feeding, attacking and such… then one day I thought to myself, “WTF and I doing!?!”. (It would be a different story if I could actually grow Hobo-Vampires IRL)

1. FREEDOM!!!! – I’ve got so much extra time now. It’s amasing! Seriously, count up the amount of time you spend being on MyTweetFace and then ask yourself  how much you actually get out of it… I think you’ll find the result depressing.

I think the only thing my Facebook site is still used for is as a place to house is my relationship status and all those embarassing party photos. Quite frankly, I’m relieved to be out of it and if you need to contact me, send an email. If you don’t have my email and don’t see me often enough to ask for it… why do you need to talk to me?

In the News

Large Hadron Collider creates infant universe – pretty cool… begs the question of when they’ll package it as the latest and greatest virtual pet.

UFO’s monitoring US nukes – I don’t know what’s more troubling… that ET is watching or that they let so many of these people work with nuklear weapons.

Panasonic announces new robots – from a hair-washer to a bed that folds into a wheel-chair… awesomeness!

Mexico to secure an entire city with biometric scanners – Maybe it’s easier, safer and more convenient than carrying around ID, credit cards and bus passes… but if anyone tells me to have a Joy-joy day, I’ll scream. (note: that was a movie reference)

I hope the five of you that read this blog are still enjoying it 🙂 Tell your friends! post a comment! Peace.


“Privacy is dead, and social media hold the smoking gun.”
– Pete Cashmore, Mashable CEO



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