In The News:

Manchester airport introduces hologram staff – that’s right, if you travel through Manchester airport, you can be directed, assisted and reminded of security procedures by a helpful hologram… so cool!

520 day mock Mars mission nears landing – they’re doing a dry run… that must mean we’re pretty close to actually going… anyone besides me want to go to Mars?

Google beats Bing at Jeopardy questions – who would win if search engines played this popular US game show? Google of course!

Egyptians find new ways to get online – with all the unrest in Egypt, the government shut down the internet… which is troubling in and of itself… but as this article shows: The flow of information is far more robust than most people think.

Fernando Torres signs for Chelsea for 50 million pounds – 50 MILLION POUNDS?! For a guy that can kick a ball around a little? As signs of the apocalypse go… in my book this one is right up there with rains of blood and the appearance of the angel of death.


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