In The News:

“Soft” robot has deft touch – massive metal hands have trouble holding squishy objects? You don’t say! …. while this is possibly a big advance in robotic science, I unfortunately foresee the sex industry making the most use of it.

Could the US shut down the internet? – coming off of Egypt’s not so succesful shutdown, this article explores how that happened and if it could be duplicated in the US… the short answer is “not really”.

Proposal for cyber war rules of engagement – with the possible exception of earth orbit, this is going to be the biggest theater of war in modern conflict, so it’s probably a good idea to set some boundaries.

All the internet has (kind of) run out of space – all the IP addresses for the world wide web have now been shipped out for sale… so all 4.3 billion addresses have been marked for sale. That’s quite a number… but don’t worry, the introduction of IPv6 that will happen shortly should mean that you won’t even notice the difference.

RoboEarth teaches robots to learn from peers – I’m just glad they didn’t name it SkyNet… this project aims to connect all robots through an internet-like network so that they can share what they learn… either making them better servants of more invincible overlords… not sure which yet.


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