In The News:

New Zealand emergency services computers go offline – they were able to make do while their IT guys brought them back online, but this highlights just how dependent we’ve become on computers.

IBM Watson (Super computers) vs. Humans in Jeopardy game – two of the champions of this american game-show are taking on IBM’s new Watson Jeopardy super computer… after the first round, Watson is tied for first.

Removing a ‘dumb’ gene from mice makes them smarter – interesting article, but like it points out: we have no idea what other effects removing this gene will have… the whole field of study seems terribly hit-and-miss to me.

Steps towards a robotic eye – I’ve posted a lot of the build up to this specific piece of tech in earlier News, but this article sums up where we are quite nicely.

Obama seeks big boost in cyber-security spending – looks like we might be amping up to a new arms race… the cyber-arms race…. why do I have a picture of a bear with robot arms in my head?


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