In The News:

Scientists build first Anti-Laser – Damn! We haven’t even got laser guns yet, and they’re already coming up with defenses. I want a laser gun….

Ants build cheapest computer networks – Yep, scientists are studying the way that ants dig their tunnels to get an insight into how to build more effective computer networks.

Iceland to tap liquid magma as a new energy source – awesome idea… and I think it’s impressive that we have the technology to be able to tap this primal force.

Microsoft releases a development kit for the Kinect system – so we’ll soon be seeing some really useful (and cool, no doubt) applications for this motion capture system… time to use that hack to hook it up to my PC then.

Scientists build bigger anti-matter ‘bottles’ – not so sure I like the idea of them storing more and more of what is effectively the most volatile substance we’ve ever discovered.


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