What do these words even mean?

I’ve been thinking about this one for a while now.

If you’re reading this blog, then you probably use these words all the time without even thinking about them. Like me, though, I doubt you have any idea what they mean. What words am I talking about? I’ll use one of them as an example for the purposes of this post. What I’m talking about is “LOL”.

“LOL” supposedly stands for Laughed Out Loud, but that’s not what it means anymore. There are times when I’m reading something that I will actually laugh out loud (and yes, my co-workers look at me funny when I do), but how would I communicate that fact to anyone? The word “LOL” has been used so often that it has lost all meaning. For instance:

What part of this makes you laugh at all? never mind out loud? Then why are they called Lolcats? shouldn’t they be Awwwcats?

So here’s a challenge for my readers: come up with a term I can use when I actually laugh out loud?


“At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities.”      -Jean Houston


6 thoughts on “What do these words even mean?

  1. Understood fully…

    If I am chatting to someone and they say something funny, I will say “lol”…
    If I do actually laugh I will normally say “I loled”.

    Small difference, but I do think it changes the meaning slightly.

  2. Two words that immediatly spring to mind that could be shortened or twisted somehow are – guffaw – we've all heard that one and – cachinate – . This is pronounced kak'inat. From these could come guffish? or kakiny? Gawsome or kaktious?
    There is also an animal, the kookaburra , known as a laughing jackass. I've met a some of the two legged variety.

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