In the News:

A new nano-material detects explosives – nanotech is finally finding it’s way into usable applications.

UK cancer charity tidies up Wikipedia – A great example of how crowdsourcing can work.

Fusion propelled starship – I love it when the stuff of sci-fi becomes reality.

Robots at the Smithsonian – a new robotics exhibition… full of cool stuff.

Machines to pass turning test by 2029 – I want my robot butler!


One thought on “In the News:

  1. Fusion rocketry. Fascinating. We have to start somewhere and cracking nuclear fusion would boost humanity into a Type I Civilisation. My bet is though when we do succeed in this fusion propelled spacecraft that further advances in sci-tech will reach the stars long before the Icarus type of projects! If you can think of it, it is possible; the possible is achievable. The tech-heads at UCLA have been doing research into teleportation – They moved a beam of light over 1 meter about 10 years ago. What progress have they made, I wonder?
    As far as sci-tech in SA, maybe we should be investing in those schoolkids with the interest and motivation by focussing them in really high-end education facilities. The current system as we all know is a complete disaster and has furthered the 'ethos' of instant gratification without any input.

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