Robot Wars

As some of you might have read in the news last week, China is scheduled to overtake the US in science in two years. This is a major shift and will certainly speed China’s assumption of the top spot on the international stage.

Scientific advancement is possibly the single greatest factor for a countries prosperity, with relatively tiny countries like Japan, South Korea and Taiwan punching far above their weight because they have such a strong technical nature. So how could we emulate that drive in this country?

I think the biggest challenge is to get children interested in science, technology and engineering… and this shouldn’t be too hard: science is cool!

My suggestion would be to have a South African series of Robot Wars. Probably drawing the competitors mostly from our universities. With RC being such a mainstream hobby, most of the materials and circutry required and readibly (and mostly cost effecitvely) available. Having something like this as a field trip would certainly encourage students to concentrate on their maths and science marks, which can only benefit our economy.

My favorite Robot Wars competior has to be Razor:

This guy is incredible… once, it even took out one of the house robots!!! Sugoi!

So, someone, please … steal this idea… ^^

Another cool thing about the far east becoming the world’s technology leader? Chances are that we’ll end up with giant robots… I love giant robots!


Living here in Jersey, fighting villains from afar/ You’ve gotta find first gear in your giant robot car / *You* dig giant robots / *I* dig giant robots / *We* dig giant robots / *Chicks* dig giant robots / Nice.


2 thoughts on “Robot Wars

  1. I will defiantly get damien home robot kits. Mechano is also an awesome “toy” (and I use that term loosely) for learning about engineering and robotics. He is only two now, but he already helping daddy fix the computer. We need more geek babies. Ha ha ha (A)lol. Great post dude. Awesome blog. Keep it up.

  2. Great idea. you should email to 702 Lead South Africa. It is the sort of thing that would be fantastic if taken up by someone who is prepared to work hard at finding sponsors,arranging events etc etc

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