In The News:

Control a mouse cursor with brain implants – I want to be a cyborg!!

Researchers build wearable generators – It may not be a huge amount of energy generated, but if we all wear these and use them to power our personal gadgets, it could have a big impact on the global energy situation.

Boy scouts can now earn robotics merit badges – so cool! wish this was available when I was a cub…

U.S. Navy getting closer to arming ships with lasers – sweet… Laser guns are one of the foundations of Science Fiction, now I’m waiting for a portable version.

Scientists aim to improve photosynthesis – talk about tinkering with nature! still… it could have a great impact on food and energy problems.


2 thoughts on “In The News:

  1. I've always wondered why, especially if they can make those wearable generators in your shoe now, we cannot harvest energy from cardio machines at gyms. Seems like it would be a feasible and perhaps even lucrative business.

  2. Great idea, Joe…

    I hadn't thought of it, but you're right… seems the big gym companies are missing out on a money spinner… and as a bonus for the rest of us, it could be a move towards a better energy paradigm.

    Thanks for the comment.

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