Here I am, but in case you were wondering why.


I’m Ian.

A lot of crap runs though my head, some of it ramblings, some of it genius, most of it somewhere in between.

What I dont have is the (drive, motivation, manageable workload, time) to Blog every week. Which I’m told is suicide for a blog.

So simple solution, ask my buddy Odd for a spot on his highly efficient weekly updates geeks and greatness blog.

I reserve the right to blog weekly, if I find the time or inspiration, but expect an occasional contribution.

The benefit of this to you is that while some bloggers write drivel to make sure theres a post this week, the drivel I write will be driven by a need to express something. or tell a cool joke I heard, or to rant.’

So as and when, I’ll be posting the posts for my old neglected blog, so as to keep you all in full and proper fear of the rollercoaster of my phyche.  But for now, here’s my intro, and watch this space…


3 thoughts on “Here I am, but in case you were wondering why.

  1. Welcome Ian. You two make an accruable and piquant team.
    I forsee a mix of Mutt & Jeff and Einstein & daVinci!

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