As most of you probably realised, I didn’t post last week… oops.

I don’t even have a valid excuse… besides the fact that I was on leave (my first leave in a loooong time) and that I’m lazy. ^^

It wasn’t totally unproductive… I did manage to get most of the Necromunda terrain done, and you should be able to check it out in all it’s glory in a full turorial that I’ll post next week.

Took time out to see both SuckerPunch and Thor this past week… both of which I enjoyed immensely:

 I know SuckerPunch has been getting shocking reviews, but I think people are taking it the wrong way… it’s not a standard action thriller and it’s not an in depth, thought provoking sci-fi… what it looks like to me is an original idea that showcases some seriously spectacular visuals and fight scenes while challenging the status-quo for action movie scripts (this is not the romance/action/comedy that you’re used to) and I always love a movie where I can’t predict the ending and I leave the cinema with a couple questions as to what exactly was going on.

Thor was… THOR!!! I really like this Super hero movie… Thor wasn’t a annoying little tit like spider-man… he was THOR! I think Chris Hemsworth did a great job… as it can’t be easy to bring the right amount of naivete , arrogance and honor to the role.



Oh, and I kick serious ass in Marvel vs. Capcom 3…. seriously… I’ll damage you.

I’d also like to say thanks to Ian for keeping the site ticking over last week, and introduce a new poster, Simon, who’ll also be joining us… Ian, Simon and myself have been good friends for years now… ever since a crazy DnD game where the three of us where all playing and DMing ourselves… it was a weird setup, great fun and probably wouldn’t work with any other people I know… Good to have you guys on the site!

Thanks for reading, and come back next week for the a return to normal.


“Thor, the mighty! Thor, the brave! Crush the infidels in your way!” -Manowar


4 thoughts on “Procrastination

  1. I think it's possibly the best of the Super Hero movies so far… barring maybe IronMan… but that's solely based on Robert Downey Jr… that guy rocks.

    I'm really looking forward to The Avengers… should be sweet! One more solo movie (Captain America, which should also be cool) and then the big team up… awesome…

    Oh, and watch out for Hawkeye's cameo in Thor… super cool!

  2. hmmmm I gotta go with IronMan over Thor on this one.
    and bring your MVC3 skills – its ass kicking time

  3. haha… took a while to approve your comment (sorry)… and I think we've already established that I kick your ass in MVC3… even though you're the one with the xbox.

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