Say my Name

What’s in a name, a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet. However, were the rose named stink weed, or stinky gourd? Would you still bend to smell this ill reputed plant? Or would you give it a wide berth?

By the same token, a man is only as good as his name. You can work many years to build a good reputation, vitally important, in life socially as well as in the workplace. And the better person you are the better your name becomes. However, and this is a big one. All the work you have put in, and over many years, can be destroyed in an instant by you or someone else.

The bible says to stay away from even the appearance of evil, which is truly sage advice. If it is perceived that you are immoral, unscrupulous or an assortment of other less desired attributes, you will be labelled as that attribute. Regardless of how inaccurate that may be, you are no longer a rose, but a stinkweed.  It may also happen that somebody else may spread a vicious rumor about you, which will spread and ruin your name. Even if it’s not true, and people know better, it still goes to cast doubt on your good name.

That’s all.



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