In The News:

Quantum teleportation breakthrough could herald instantaneousness computing – the idea of quantum teleportaion has been around for a while… but they’re actually developing usable applications for the theory.

Robot throws first pitch at a baseball game – all to encourage science and maths education. Robots are cool.

iPhone tracks your location – This has been huge news over the last few weeks…. Apple has since released a new version of iOS that apparently fixes this. If you’re using an iPhone/iPad… update your software!

Cracker sized satellites to launch with Space Shuttle Endeavor – A new era in satellite technology? Or just creating more traffic and space-junk in orbit?

Sony Online Gaming Platform Hacked – reports say somewhere around 25 million users had their information stolen… scary, scary, scary things.


One thought on “In The News:

  1. Teleporting data instantaneously! An advance on Caltech's work. Mind-boggling and really exciting. I loved some of the comments – some real wackos out there!

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