Imagine a political party that offers rebates when the systems aren’t working, and services aren’t being delivered, we do pay for essential services after all. To mention the hyper-ten-shin. Nothing grates me more than seeing municipal budget being blown on repairing the damage caused by striking municipal workers instead of much needed developments and upgrades, all the while my rubbish piles up outside my front door. And its coming out of my pocket, surely, when my power is out, or my garbage is standing, the local government should be refunding me for the services I haven’t received. . Anyway, that’s my bitching done, but I can, cause I vote.

Actually, no, I’m not done. I want to talk about delegated authority. As a legal entity, when I vote I am delegating my authority (to make legal and financial decisions) to a person, who represents a party. I choose this party because I believe their values are in line with my own and therefore they will most suitably represent MY needs and desires. However, that party won’t necessarily “win” the election process. Therefore the party whose “values” most suitably align with the majority stands to make my decisions for me. I don’t like that, not one little bit. I did not delegate my authority to you money hungry, gravy train riding, under educated and over inflated, blood sucking morons. Yet you reserve the right to spend my tax money on ineffective and outright idiotic ideas, and then, you tax me even more. You tax me for driving to work so that I can earn a living, then you tax me on that too. Then you tax me on the groceries I buy to feed my family, and double tax me on the cigarettes I smoke to cope with all the fucking taxes. I most certainly did not delegate my authority to you, and most certainly not for the above mentioned reasons.



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