The Grand Gallery Of Almightily Stupid Ideas, (Number Two)

 ORT, no longer just an airport, the Open Road Tolling system due in Gauteng has been the topic of much debate, to the point where it was put on hold leading up to the elections, to save a few majority party votes.
The Freedom Front (Plus) has been a driving force behind the protests against the proposed high per kilometre tariffs, with almost all other opposition parties joining in in some form or another. Although the gantries are built and installed, they aren’t being used until the tariff issue has been resolved.

I work far enough from home that I see quite a few of these during my commute, and have recently seen, with the coming of earlier sunsets, and laterhours on a buggy project , that they are lighting these non-functioning gantries at night…

The blue lights reflect purple against the support poles, and when passing under them, I cant help think of cheesy porn movie clichés, which in turn reminds me that the Gauteng roads agency will be screwing me a bit more once these start tolling.’

Yesterday, I passed under them around sunset, and found that the blue lights see their fair share of daylight too…

Now we have been told that the project has been put on hold to examine ways to decrease the tariff to a reasonable rate. I would like to ask the question :
What is the electricity bill for lighting up approximately 42 huge gantries from before sundown for the whole night, every night, on a system that is currently not generating any income. Every cent they spend lighting these eyesores up will be included in the rate you pay once they become operational.
Maybe someone should explain to SANRAL how efficiency works…


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