In The News

Swiss scientists design a turbine to fit in human arteries – this little gizmo could create enough power to run pace makers and other suck bio-implants… as long as they figure out a way to mitigate the turbulence it causes.

Laser used to transfer data at 26terabytes per second – now that is FAST! and unlike similar projects, this one does it with a single multi-colour laser. So it’s cheep(ish).

Is Graphene a miracle material? – a great article on a new wonder material… watch out for this stuff, it’s going to be making a big impact.

Grand Co-operative driving challenge – building smarter driverless cars that can communicate with each other to make better use of the road. Cool.

Teaching robots to read – It’s not quite at a human level… but this sort of research is what is going to make personal robots possible. Keep up the great work!


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