Mdrn Spk.

So with the advent of the cell-phone and the sms, a new form of english was born.

Ppl strtd drppng vwls, l8r +ed nmbrs to denote words, and made sms-speak a form of communication unintelligible to many.
Then came the blackberry craze, and with the inclusion of a full qwerty (love typing that) keyboard, it seemed that there might be a return to spelling words properly.
I welcomed it as an opportunity to have capital letters and proper punctuation at my fingertips, taking the slog out of typing proper messages.

But no, it was not to be.
The generation that spawned sms-speak merely moved their missing vowels and punctuationless messages to the new tech.
OMG, I cn type so mch fstr! LOL!!!!

So yesterday Apple launched the new half an iPhone, the 4S, which runs a bit faster and has VOICE RECOGNITION!!!!
Now this will soon become standard across the BB/Andriod/iMarket, and I shudder to think that sms-speak might leap another logical barrier like it did with the qwerty keyboard.
Imagine a room filled with people saying “Lol” into their phones. (Shudder)


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