The Avengers build up

So The Avengers movie is coming out this week here in SA, and I am looking forward to this movie more than I have for any movie since Tron 2. It is not just the collection of awesome superheroes present and not the fact that it’s written and directed by the nerd-god that is Joss Whedon. The main reason that I’m so psyched for this movie is that it is the culmination of Marvel’s attempt to bring comic book continuity to the silver screen with all it’s twisted geekyness and ramifications.

This past weekend a few mates and I did an Avengers movie marathon to prepare ourselves for the new movie… so I thought that in the post this week, I’d give my favorite points of each movie:



Iron Man: Robert Downy Jr’s portrail of Tony Stark is absolutely perfect. Smart, smooth, successful and totally embraces the coolness factor of being a super hero. Also: the suit… I couldn’t think of a better look for it, but my favorite moment has to be right at the end when Black Sabbath’s Ironman starts playing… gives me goosebumps.




The Increadible Hulk: Mainly, I was just glad that this was better than Hulk /shudder. Edward Norton does a great job of showing Banner’s pacifist torment, but my favorite moment must have been Lou Ferrigno showing up as a security guard… lol





Thor: “…the mighty, Thor the brave! Crush the infidels in your way!” It must be difficult to play a Viking-God-Alien… but Chris Hemsworth hits the perfect balance of naivete and nobility. Favourite moment: “Then give me one big enough to ride.”




Captain America: This is in my opinion the most difficult super hero movie to make. It could so easily become an American propaganda exercise. So my favourite part of the movie is that it didn’t. It maintained integrity and avoided being overly patriotic while giving us what could be the most well crafted story of the series so far.




So now we wait for The Avengers. I’ve managed to stay mostly spoiler free so far – not an easy feat, I’ll tell you.

Welcome to the Era of the Geek, everybody… you’re welcome.


“I’m a frustrated actor. My … goal is to beat Alfred Hitchcock in the number of cameos. I’m going to try to break his record” -Stan Lee


2 thoughts on “The Avengers build up

  1. That awkward moment when I have absolutely nothing intelligent to say whatsoever.

    Great topic and great post though. I can't wait for the avengers to grace the silver screen. I just hope its not a let down since I so hyped for it.

  2. We're going to see it tonight. I'm so psyched that I can move objects with my mind!

    Written and directed by Joss Whedon, with that cast? Difficult to make a disaster out of that

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