The Savage Adam


In case you didn’t know, I’m a big fan of podcasts and I’m always on the lookout for new ones. I recently found out that the MythBusters have a website ( which has a very cool podcast that unfortunately doesn’t have either Jamie or Adam as contributors.
There is, however, a new podcast on there: The as-yet untitled Adam Savage podcast. This man is absolutely fascinating and a huge inspiration to me. Listening to the first few episodes, I think I have figured out what makes Adam different from the rest of us.
Case in point: There is another inspiring man called Theo Jansen, an artist (for lack of a better term) who creates the most amazing moving sculptures (or artificial life) called Strandbeest. If you haven’t seen them, then you should really check out some of the videos… he’s incredible.
Most of us, when looking at Jansen’s work, are awed and inspired… but then we go on about our day with little change. Adam Savage on the other hand goes so much further. He’s apparently already got all the materials stacked up in the back of his workshop… waiting for him to have a little spare time to put one together himself.
I couldn’t conceive the complexity involved in building one… but he wants to build one with a saddle and peddles to drive around. Wow. Sugoi.
He’s also a collector of collections: everything from R2D2s to Katana to movie props. As a big collector of “junk” myself, this is hugely comforting. So there’s my little bit of inspiration for the week. Enjoy.
“I reject your reality and substitute one of my own.” -Adam Savage

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