Necromunda Battle Report – Esher + Van Saar vs Spyer


So this past weekend was ICON, Joburg’s premier gaming/anime/comic convention and it was a blast. As part of this year’s geek-out, a couple of my friends and I decided to play an “exhibition” game of Necromunda.

The Premise:

Nick and I would use our two basic gangs (brand new) and our friend Tim would bring up two Spyers to the same Gang Rating. Nick was playing Van Saar, I was using my Esher and Tim decided on a Jakara and an Orus.




The Board:


Tim and I have created quite a lot of Necromunda terrain over the last couple years, a lot of which we carted to ICON.

The Game:

The first couple turns were quick, with Nick and I moving into position and Tim moving up to get into close range.

Then I had the opportunity to jump the Jakara with half my gang (three gangers with two swords and three gangers with a sword and las-pistol). I knew this was probably going to go badly as the Jakara was seriously tooled out, but as I’m playing Esher I didn’t really have much choice.
Needless to say, my six gangers disappeared in a red mist but my gang leader was then able to take down the pesky Spyer with his Plasma Gun.
The Orus was then brought low by the combined fire of three heavy stubbers and the game was ours!

The Conclusion:

Outnumbered 9 to 1, you would think that the large gangs had the obvious advantage, but as the combat with the Jakara showed, you cannot count out a high level Spyer. We were quite lucky with our shooting rolls and Tim was increadibly unluckly with his armor and ward saves. The game would have turned out very differently if his Jakara has been able to bounce the Plasma Gun shot back at my gang leader.
This was great fun to play and we’ve decided to switch up the teams so that all three of us get to play the Spyers in this scenario.
“Blessed is the mind too small for doubt” – Commissar  Groden Bevro (Warhammer 40k Compendium)

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