How to keep IT workers happy. Part 2

Answer your emails. Seriously. We do not send these out for our own edification. We spend our time carefully crafting these missives to give you the impression that it’s not your fault that we don’t have the information/ access/ permission that we need, but that it would be an altruistic act of saint-like proportions if you could help out.
We’re usually lying of course. It’s probably your fault that the project is a month behind schedule. Those 50 emails sitting in your inbox are not invitations to a tea party. They are not friendly ‘how are you’ conversations. I am not sending you my latest 30 page epic about the colour blue in iambic pentameter.
If an IT professional is sending you an email, it is because they need something from you before they can continue with their work. It will take you five minutes to read and reply but if you wait five hours then the poor IT guru has nothing to do but watch stupid cat videos and play games…
On second thought… maybe hold off on those replies for a little while.
“In the time honored tradition of email, just ignore the question.” – John Dobbin

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