To the Red Planet

I recently found the coolest thing. The new NASA Mars rover, Curiosity, is tweeting updates to us.

I think this is a super cool use of social technology. You could use your twitter feed to see what the Kardashians are doing (that’s still a thing right?) or to stalk Bieber, but I would rather fill it with edifying and interesting phenomena.

The Mars missions are arguably the coolest things happening in science at the moment. They’re at very least the most accessibly mind-blowing (the Higgs Boson is cool, but you need to be a physics nerd to really understand it). So you can follow Curiosity on twitter: or get the updates from the NASA Website: 

Curiosity is 13 days away from the landing, and I’m really looking forward to getting updates on the fly 🙂 it’s going to be awesome.

“Exploration is really the essence of the human spirit.” -Frank Borman


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