Goodbye Nostalgia Critic

You might know that I like web series. What you might not know is that one of my favourites has been The Nostalgia Critic on

In The Nostalgia Critic, Doug Walker plays the Critic and reviews nostalgic movies and TV shows. This is done in a very Angry Video Game Nerd sort of style, but the writing is spectacular and the acting truly inspired. There are very few series (either online or mainstream) that can genuinely make me laugh out loud, but The Nostalgia Critic manages it with a regularity and precision that brings German engineering to mind.

Doug recently announced that the series is dead. No more nostalgia critic. *sob*

However sad I am that I will not be getting any new NC, I cannot help but applaud the artistic integrity behind the decision. According to the announcement on the site, they decided that everything good that could be done with the NC setup and character had already been done, so it should be killed instead of producing second rate content just for the sake of keeping a popular series going.

This is why I love watching shows from the internet. There is no other channel that would support that decision, and I have watched many very good shows just keep going until the horse is far past beating.

Well done Doug Walker and everyone from ThatGuyWithTheGlasses. You guys rock and I am looking forward to seeing what you have coming up next.

EDIT: I don’t really mean much by the AVGN reference here. It’s just that I assume that more people might know about AVGN and in any case his name is more descriptive of the shared shtick these two have. There was a brilliant crossover series between these two shows that you can find here.

“Doing things the way you see it, going by your own heart and soul, that is pure artistic integrity. Whatever the hair is six or sixty inches long, the eyes have make-up or not, the riffs are in ‘E’ or ‘F’ sharp, the amps are Marshall or not, all those things don’t matter if you are doing it for the right reason, which to me means doing it for yourself!” -Lars Ulrich


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