MtG FNM Report – RB Vampires

Yet another night of Vampires at Outer Limit‘s FNM. Here’s what I played:

4 Stromkirk Noble
3 Tragic Slip
4 Falkenrath Exterminator
4 Annihilating Fire
4 Stromkirk Captain
4 Brimstone Volley
4 Vampire Nighthawk
4 Flames of the Firebrand
3 Olivia Voldaren
3 Bloodline Keeper
4 Pillar of Flame
4 Mizzium Mortars
4 Murder
2 Sign in Blood
1 Ring of Valkans
7 Swamp
8 Mountain
4 Blood Crypt
4 Dragonskull Summit

Nothing has really changed in this list. I swapped the Deviant Glees from last time for a ring of Valkans, two Sign in Bloods and an extra swamp and swapped out the smelts in the sideboard for Tragic Slips because Predator Ooze is scary.

Round 1: 0-2 vs UW Control
*sigh* first round loss. My vamps really suffer to control. Against most builds I think I’d be okay, but this one played Misthollow Griffin with Moorland Haunt. I REALLY like this combo. Having a creature that is totally unkillable is a serious issue, and I’m definitely going to build this into my UW list.


Round 2: 2-0 vs UW Lifelink
Dominated in the second round against a lifelink aggro deck playing Chalice of Life, which is a card I really like. I was easily able to keep my opponent down enough that she couldn’t flip the chalice.

Round 3: 2-0 vs GW Agro
This wasn’t populate, and it wasn’t GW Humans… not really sure what he was going for, but the vamps managed to keep the game on my plan so it wasn’t an issue.

Round 4: 1-2 vs 4 Colour Control
Man, I hate playing against this deck. I got a god draw in the second game and managed to squash him before his card advantage took over. In the end I think it was Witchbane Orb that lost me the game. All my sideboard burn doesn’t help me if I can’t kill him with it.

So 2-2 for the night… not a great result, but I did draw two control decks. Unfortunate. I really need to come up with a deck that can answer both agro and control >.< not asking for much am I?

“May the worthy spend an eternity in Blessed Sleep. May the wicked find the peace of oblivion.” -Pillar of Flame, Flavour Text


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