Necromunda RPG – Game 1

So here we have the first game of our Necromunda RPG campaign. Where the members of the Scourge gang need to defend their settlement AshMure from an attack by looters.

The Gang:
Tim is playing Edward D’Eath a ganger with a lasgun and a laspistol and Dave “Chickenwire” Downey, a ganger with a sword, handflamer and laspistol.
Nick is playing “Jester” Schultz a ganger with two laspistols and Slade “Duke” Wilson, a ganger with a sword and a lasgun.

While out scavenging for sell-able scrap, the Scourge gang are found by a youngster from the settlement of AshMure. He looks harried and even scruffier and more worried than is generally the case for an inhabitant of the underhive. He has run a long way to deliver dire news: A group of thugs has arrived in the settlement and they’re looting freely. The four gangers must hurry back to protect their territory.

When they arrive at the settlement a brief recon reveals just four young looking invaders, two in the central building and two others scouting around the walk ways. Edward suggests they try sneak up to get the upper hand and the others agree.

Chickenwire and Jester move in from the north while Edward and Duke move up more cautiously from the east. All goes well until the enemy on the walkway turns around and manages to see Chickenwire and Jester

Having been spotted, Chickenwire and Jester rush up the ladder. Chickenwire immediately immolates a looter with his Handflamer but jester misses his target with his laspistol. Edward and Duke move into better firing positions.

The looter who raised the alarm, seeing Chikenwire and Jester making short work of his compatriots sends out a desperate call for help with his radio and receives a quick reply.


The looters shots are ineffective as Chickenwire rushes into hand-to-hand and cuts his opponent into pieces in a disturbing spray of blood and bile. Jester charges down the looter he missed and beats him unconscious while Edward and Duke get into better firing positions.

As they move in on the settlement and get a better position seven more looters move in from the north.

The looters first volley of fire targets Chickenwire and he takes a slug to the gut. Bleeding and in pain, he drags himself into the building while Duke and Edward pour fire down into the looters from their elevated position until the last few survivors break and run.

The Scourge gang have successfully defend their settlement. After the fight they collect a stubgun from each of their dead opponents and Chickenwire interrogates the captive that Jester caught. They find out that the looters are from the Ironlung gang to the east. Their leader has not returned after taking the best fighters in the gang far to the north to pick up “a game changer” for the gang. The Ironlung gang are under pressure from other neighboring forces and were looking for an easy score to shore up their reputation.

Level Up:
Edward D’Eath: +1 Ballistic Skill
Dave “Chikenwire” Downey: +1 Movement
“Jester” Schultz: Gunslinger Skill
Slade “Duke” Wilson: +1 Ballistic Skill

There you have it. I hope you had as much fun reading it as we did playing it (though I doubt that’s possible). I’ll post another next week and you’ll get to see where the Scourge gang decide to go next.



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