Necromunda RPG – Game 2

Our Necromunda RPG campaign continues. Nick and Tim are joined by Zayne as they try to dish out some payback to the gang that invaded their turf last game.

The Gang:
Tim is playing Edward D’Eath a ganger with a lasgun and a laspistol and Dave “Chickenwire” Downey, a ganger with a sword, handflamer and laspistol.

Nick is playing “Jester” Schultz a ganger with two laspistols and Slade “Duke” Wilson, a ganger with a sword and a lasgun.

Zayne is playing Chronic Jones, a ganger with a Big Axe and bolt pistol and Alex Bane a ganger with a lasgun and laspistol

After fighting off an invasion, the Scourge gang call in reinforcements and after gathering as much information as they can from their prisoner they set off to show the Ironlung gang the error of their ways.



The Scourge know that they’re attacking a Mining installation and have been informed which buildings are barracks, slave pens and storage. They decide to sneak in from all angles in an attempt to catch the Ironlung off guard.



Everyone moves in cautiously  with Duke checking the buildings for anything interesting. He does find a cache of mining explosives in the easternmost building. Edward covers him from the roof as he breaks into the cage containing them.

Chickenwire and Chronic charge the lookouts on the central building while everyone else is still trying to get into position. Unfortunately for the Scourge, they are unable to finish their opponents and the alarm is raised.

After some poor shooting that fails to fell any of the opposing gang and Chikenwire and Chronic finding themselves on the back foot in hand-to-hand, Edward calls down to Duke to set the explosives to blow and shouts to everyone to clear out.

Chickenwire, bleeding from numerous injuries, finally manages to finish his opponent and rushes in to help Chronic just in time for them to hightail it away before the Ironlung reinforcements make it out into the open.

As they slink away into the shadows, the Scourge pause to watch as the explosives Duke set explode in a pyrotechnic display that severely damages the mining installation.

Although they were forced to retreat in the face of the Ironlung’s stoic defense, the Scourge gang was able to inflict major damage in retaliation. It will be a long time before the Ironlung can recuperate sufficiently to move into Scourge turf again.

Level Up:
Edward D’Eath – Marksman Skill
Dave “Chickenwire” Downey – +1 Weapon Skill
Jester Schultz – +1 Ballistic Skill
Slade “Duke” Wilson – +1 Ballistic Skill
Chronic Jones – +1 Weapon Skill
Alex Bane – +1 Weapon Skill

Check in next time for the continueing adventures of the Scourge gang as they try to survive in the harsh world of the Underhive of Necromunda.



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