MtG FNM Report – Mardu Dragons

Every since Dragons of Tarkir was released, I’ve been playing either 5 Colour Dragons or Temur agro and neither of those decks have a lot of space left for removal. So this week I decided to play Mardu Dragons, as the deck looked like fun and plays tons and tons of the a fore mentioned removal. Here’s what I ran:

3x Thoughtseize
2x Valorous Stance
2x Ultimate Price
2x Draconic Roar
1x Lightning Strike
3x Hero’s Downfall
3x Crackling Doom
1x Kolaghan’s Command
3x Seeker of the Way
4x Goblin Rabblemaster
2x Butcher of the Horde
4x Thunderbreak Regent
3x Stormbreath Dragon
1x Kolaghan, the Storm’s Fury
2x Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker
2x Haven of the Spirit Dragon
3x Mana Confluence
4x Nomad Outpost
1x Bloodstained Mire
1x Temple of Silence
1x Temple of Malice
1x Temple of Triumph
2x Caves of Koilos
2x Battlefield Forge
1x Urborg, Tomb of Yorgmoth
4x Mountain
2x Swamp
1x Thoughtseize
1x Self-Inflicted Wound
1x Crackling Doom
2x Crux of Fate
2x Utter End
2x Mastery of the Unseen
2x Drown in Sorrow
2x Anger of the Gods
2x Lightning Strike
This list is based off of the popular Pro Tour build with some concessions made to what cards I have or could borrow, especially in the mana base. The plan is fairly simple: disrupt the opponent with discard and removal and then beat them to death with dragons (have I mentioned I love dragons?).
Round 1: 2-0 vs BW Warriors
After getting thumped by this deck last week, it was hugely satisfying to take it down so handily this week. Game one felt quite tense, but my spot removal lined up when I needed it to and the six sweepers out of the sideboard were great in game two.
Round 2: 2-0 vs GB Heroic
I love seeing strange builds at FNM and this one was great. It was basically a combo deck that pointed a bunch of pump spells at green heroic creatures to attack for massive chunks of damage. Unfortunately for him I was able to thoughseize out his creatures in game one and had all the removal for them in game two.
Round 3: 0-2 vs Mono-Red
This round saw me paired up against Aiden who was piloting a borrowed Mono-Red deck after a few months out of the game. He played it really well and I just couldn’t stay alive long enough to stabilise. I felt like I had the removal in game 2 but still lost as he would get small value or damage out of every turn. I’m not really sure what I could have done differently and I think the match up is ok as long as I can land a lifelink creature… I will have to think hard about this one.
Round 4: 2-0 vs Grixis Minotaurs 
This was also a slightly strange deck, it seemed to be a normal BR minotaurs deck but splashing blue for Anticipate. Valorous Stance was handy to protect Rabblemaster in both games, through I should probably have ‘boarded them out for game two. Once more the removal suite let me keep the creature deck under control long enough for my dragons to eat them.
So I went 3-1 this week, came in fourth and got myself two boosters and the promo Swords to Plowshares. I had lots of fun with all my games and felt the deck was good in all my match ups. It did feel quite tense in game ones, but it seemed like I could sideboard into the best suited removal for whatever the situation was. All in all it performed well and even the mana base was solid (I never had major issues). I think I’ll just run it back again next week.
“Do not fear the lightning. Fear the one it obeys.” 
  – Crackling Doom, flavour text

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