MtG Origins Prerelease Report – Midnight

As usual, I played in the midnight prerelease at Outer Limits in Melville. There were already four red players by the time I registered, so I went with green. The pool I opened was ok, though not hugely exciting. I did open a Nissa, which is value but not spectacular for limited play.

Here’s what I ended up running:

My green was by far the best colour I opened, and I chose to pair it with blue as it gave me the most interaction. It also provided me with some flyers which I find are very important in sealed as a lot of games end up in a board stall.
2-1 vs Mono-White Artifacts
I managed to curve out and use the blue disruption to push through the last few points of damage. The Managorger Hydra was terrific in both game that I won and the Whirler Rogue was brilliant too. I lost the second game to Sentinel of the Eternal Watch… holy crap, that card is horrifying. I was in total control of that game until it came down and then it just took over.
1-2 vs RW Agro
Turns out the red/white deck is super aggressive. He curved out in all three games and my under powered four drops were not enough to stabalise. I managed to steal the second game with Bounding Krasis, but got taken out in the third. Menace seems to be a relevant ability, especially when my three drop is a Scrapskin Drake that can’t block.
2-0 vs Mono-Black 
Game one went according to plan as I managed to curve out and use the blue spells to tempo my opponent out. Game two he got stuck on two land… but hey, I’ll take whatever win is available.
2-0 vs GB and UW Skies
I managed to out value my opponent’s mediocre GB deck in game one and outraced his UW flyers deck in game two with bigger creatures.
I had great fun with this format and had a good enough record to come third. My big takeaways from this event were that I really enjoyed Whirler Rogue every time I played it, Red and White are frighteningly aggressive and Nissa was actually quite easy to flip but didn’t have much impact when she did.
I’ll be posting my reports from my Saturday prerelease and from my FNM later in the week, so check back for that.
“Nissa had only the space of a heartbeat to react, her instincts steering her blade.” 
    -Wild Instincts, flavour text

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