MtG Origins Prerelease Report – Saturday

After a decent run in the midnight prerelease, I stole a couple hours sleep and headed back to Outer Limits for the Saturday prerelease. I was much happier with my pool this time, though I didn’t open any money.

Here’s what I built:
2-1 vs GB
I loved the deck I was playing, lots of burn and some fantastic bombs late. My opponent could control my early red aggression but then was out of resources when I started dropping fatties late.
2-0 vs RW
I managed to out race the aggressive deck with my red. The Scab-Clan Beserkers were a little awkward to get renowned, but once they were they were great against all my opponent’s combat tricks. The Mage-Ring Bully was sweet with Titanic Growth and got my multiple 2-for-1s in this match.
2-0 vs Mono White
My opponent was playing the life gain artifact and multiple tappers, which I think is sub-optimal. Titanic Growth did a great job trumping other combat tricks and was lots of fun with the Menace on the Boggart Brute.
1-2 vs RW
This time I got out aggro’d by the other red deck. In game two I did manage to search with Woodland Bellower twice after he got exiled with Hixus, Prison Warden, which was sweet. Overall I played to my outs and was happy with my performance.
2-1 vs UR Thopter Tempo
The Scab-Clan Beserkers were great against my opponent’s multiple tempo spells and Chandra’s Fury out of the board was fantastic.
I went 4-1 on the day and came second. This format is tons of fun. From my two prereleases I have determined that red fantastic with lots of aggressive creatures and enough efficient burn to really push the damage. The Skysnare Spider did major work… I was super impressed with that card.
I will still be posting my results from FNM later in the week, so you can check back for that.
“The only thing more ill-tempered than a griffin in a web is the spider that must subdue it.” – Skynare Spider, flavour text



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