Gogol Bordello at Oppikoppi 2015

I’m generally not a massive fan of music festivals, and as I identify predominately as a metal-head, Oppikoppi would normally not be high on my list of chosen locations to spend my weekend. This year, however, saw the Gypsy Punk band Gogol Bordello headline the festival and I certainly couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see them live.

I was introduced to this band years ago by a friend and their upbeat, manic paced style is easily some of my favorite happy-bouncy-fun-time music. I was thrilled to see them live in South Africa and they certainly didn’t let me down. It was an epic show by a energetic and thoroughly professional group.

I was a little disappointed by the crowd at the event. I suppose I’m used to metal crowds at shows like Rammstein and Metallica where the whole crowd is there for that specific band. It’s probably also the case that a lot of people didn’t know Gogol Bordello and most of them had already been partying for two or three days, but I would still expect a little more enthusiasm from the crowd. With all that being said, I had a great party and it didn’t take long for the guys on stage to get everyone on board and having fun.

If you weren’t able to make it out to Oppikoppi this year, or didn’t know about Gogol Bordello before this blog post, I encourage you to go check out their YouTube channel, and pick up one of their albums.

Thanks for coming to SA, guys! I hope we’ll see you again soon… and next time, bring more merchandise!

Oh yeah, oh no, it doesn’t have to be so
It is possible any time anywhere
Even without any dough
Oh yeah, oh no, it doesn’t have to be so
Forces of the creative mind are unstoppable!
-“Oh No”, Gypsy Punks: Underdog World Strike (2005), Gogol Bordello


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