MTG FNM Report – Mardu Dragons

This past week, I took a slightly different version of my Mardu dragons deck to TopDeck in Sandton. Here’s the list I ran:

3x Thoughtseize
2x Valorous Stance
2x Ultimate Price
2x Draconic Roar
3x Hero’s Downfall
3x Crackling Doom
1x Kolaghan’s Command
4x Seeker of the Way
2x Goblin Rabblemaster
2x Flamewake Phoenix
2x Butcher of the Horde
2x Outpost Siege
4x Thunderbreak Regent
3x Stormbreath Dragon
1x Kolaghan, the Storm’s Fury
2x Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker
2x Haven of the Spirit Dragon
3x Mana Confluence
1x Nomad Outpost
1x Bloodstained Mire
1x Temple of Silence
1x Temple of Malice
1x Temple of Triumph
2x Caves of Koilos
2x Battlefield Forge
1x Urborg, Tomb of Yorgmoth
5x Mountain
3x Swamp
1x Plains
2x Crux of Fate
2x Utter End
2x Mastery of the Unseen
2x Drown in Sorrow
2x Anger of the Gods
2x Lightning Strike
1x Thoughtseize
1x Goblin Rabblemaster
1x Crackling Doom


This week I took out the two Sarkhan Dragonspeakers for a couple Outpost Sieges and a couple Goblin Rabblemaster’s for two Flamewake Phoenix. I decided that Outpost Siege was a definite must in the deck and I’ve found Rabblemaster mostly underwhelming, so I wanted to try an alternative.
Round 1: 2-0 vs RW Agro
In the first round I played against an aggressive red/white deck running a lot of combat tricks. It was an unfortunate match-up for my opponent as the Mardu Dragons list has more than enough removal to stem the agro tide and I managed to get multiple 2-for-1’s when he tried to use his tricks.
Round 2: 2-1 vs GW Counters
Managed to get there against this surprisingly solid green/white deck. In the first game my opponent smashed me with an Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit and all four Avatar of the Resolutes… ouch. In games two and three, my removal was able to hold down the fort (or is it the outpost?) until my dragons could win the game.
Round 3: 0-2 vs Abzan Control
Wow, was this a grindy match-up. Flamewake Pheonix seemed great in game 1 (even though it didn’t ultimately help). My opponent had Dromoka’s Command for my Outpost Sieges and so could take over the late game. This should be the match-up for the Mastery’s in the sideboard, but my deck isn’t really setup to take any advantage of them and they seemed sub-optimal to bring in when it actually came down to making the choice.
Round 4: 1-2 vs Mardu Agro
In the first game my opponent managed to run over my land heavy draw. The second saw a Seeker of the Way put me enough ahead on life to close out the game easily and in the third game I stumbled a bit on mana and had to top-deck a land to play a Stormbreath for the win… unfortunately it didn’t happen.
I went 2-2, had a good time and liked all the changes I made to my list this week. However, if I play this deck in future I need to have another look at the sideboard plan against control. I might try something different next week to change it up.
“To wield lightning is to tame chaos.” – Lightning Strike, Flavour Text

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