MTG Kaladesh Pre-Release

This past weekend was the Kaladesh pre-release, and after winning my midnight release, I grabbed a couple hours sleep and was back to play in the casual event.

Here’s the pool I opened:

And here’s what I ran:


2-1 vs White / Black

This was a perfect start to the day, we had three very close games. Multiform Wonder won me the first game and Saheeli’s Artistry copying my opponent’s Marionette Master and a Chief of the foundry won me the third. My air force did good work.

2-0 vs Green / White

I played all my rares in the first game, and Multiform Wonder took over the second before my opponent could draw out of his mana-screw. I was very lucky to draw removal for my opponent’s Aetherstrom Rock in both games, or they could have gone very differently.

0-2 vs Green / White

In game one my opponent managed to trigger Verdurous Gearhulk three times with various blink effects and in game two I misplayed Multiform Wonder (forgetting my opponent’s Chief of the Foundry) and lost to another string of Verdurous Gearhulk triggers.


All told it was a super fun day of magic. I found the enchantment based removal generally good, but was severely punished for it in the third match. I think, with the abundance of blink effects in the format, that these spells might perform more poorly than usual. I will have to play a lot more games to be sure.


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