3 things I would change in Magic: Puzzle Quest


Magic: Puzzle Quest is a mobile game developed by D3 Go. At it’s most basic level, it is a match-3 game like many others available, but beyond licencing the images and name of Magic: the Gathering, it has incorporated many of the mechanics of magic into the match-3 format with some very interesting results.

It uses the 5 colours of mana (and “planeswalker energy”) for the gems that you match and you use those matches to play creatures and spells to attack your opponent. I have found it to be fun and engaging and it’s really interesting to see how they implement magic cards into the game with the same basic idea, but an altered design for the different play mechanics.

With that being said, there are a few things I would dearly love to have changed in the game.

Let me skip animations

While the game looks very pretty, I am primarily interested in the mechanics and game play and the animations often irritate me. Giving me a settings option to turn them off would speed up games and probably reduce the resources my phone needs to run this game.

Let me trade cards

One of the big draws of a TCG like magic is the trading aspect. If I happen to open a duplicate rare that I don’t need, let me trade it with my friends. Even if it’s implemented only in the context of the coalitions they already have in the game, it would make it feel like a much more communal experience.

Let me challenge other players directly

Even in the Quick Battle mode, where you are playing against other people’s decks, all games are played against the computer. I can see how this would be preferable for a lot of reasons, but the AI is often incredibility stupid and I would love to test myself against another real player. Much like in point 2, if they implemented this in the coalitions it would do a lot to encourage people to play together.


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