MtG Draft Report – Modern Masters 2017 – 3/0 Esper Flyers

Edit: as a kind and helpful soul reminded me on reddit, WUB is Esper not Grixis. I’m an idiot 😀 

I don’t draft often, but Modern Masters 2017 looked far too sweet to pass up (even at the inflated price tag). I ended up going 3-0 with a super sweet Esper flyers deck. Can confirm: MM17 is a sweet draft experience.
I drafted at my local LGS and we had a pod of 5 people. I later found out that I was sharing colours with two other players on the other side of the (small) table. Here’s the draft pool I ended up with after 3 packs:


And here’s what I ended up building:

2-0 vs Bant flicker

My opponent had lots of flicker effects, but I suppose I prioritised the pay-offs more than he did. I managed to tempo him out relatively quickly both games. When my deck was going off, it felt almost like cheating. It was awesome.

2-0 vs Red Black midrange

This game, my flyers managed to take home the win while my disruption kept me safe on the ground. Agony Warp and Soul Manipulation were both fantastic in this match, being fairly easily set up 2 for 1’s

2-1 vs Jund aggro

These games were tight. My opponent had two Broodmate Dragons, which were frightening. In game one and three, I managed to sneak out a win by locking down the ground with Gideon’s Lawkeeper and Wall of Denial and pushing through in the air. In the second game, my opponent had turn two Burning-Tree Emissary into Mogg Flunkies… and smashed my in short order.

Even when sharing the colours with two other players, this deck turned out fantastic. It was great fun to play and felt super powerful. I pulled a foil Grizelbrand, so that’s a fair bit of value, and there were also two fetch lands opened at the table.

Even with the large pricetag attached, I would say a MM17 draft is worth it. I had great fun, and while I didn’t hit the jackpot… I got enough value to make me feel happy too.

I’d be very interested to see what you thing, and if you would have built the deck different. Please lets discuss it in the comments, or on twitter.

“When you see a raven, head for the hills. It knows when the ghost-tide is headed in.”
—Sved, fisherman of Nephalia


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