Nintex Forms Tip: Save button without validation

The Situation:

We have a complex or long Nintex form with multiple validation rules. The requirement is for users to be able to save the form without submitting and complete it at a later time.

The Issue:

There doesn’t seem to be any difference between the “Save” and “Save and Submit” button actions in Nintex Forms. Both will trigger all validation rules in the form, making it impossible for a user to save half way through completion.

The Solution:

We can trick the “Save” button into thinking that the validation has returned without error. This is pretty simply accomplished by adding {return true} in the client click section of the advanced options in the button settings.


This only works if the fields are not set as Required in SharePoint.

If you want a more technical explanation of why this works, you can check out the slightly more in-depth post on the Nintex Community Forums by wmuzzio.


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