Painting: Arcadia Quest – Hammer Beastman

Carrying on with painting the Arcadia Quest miniatures, I did the Hammer Beastman next.


Beastman01 The miniatures were undercoated with grey
Beastman02 I always start with the biggest surface area, and for this miniature, it was the fur.

I wanted a very warm feeling to the miniature’s colour, so I started with a base coat of Scrag Brown, Mephiston Red and a little black.

Beastman03 This was then heavily dry-brushed with Scrag Brown
Beastman04 The fur was given a wash of a heavily watered down version of the base coat
Beastman05 All other areas of the miniature were given a base coat:

  • Teeth, horns and hooves were painted Flayed One Flesh
  • The haft of the hammer was painted Scrag Brown
  • Loincloth, collar and bracers were painted a dark grey
  • Hair on the chin and hands was dry-brushed with a mixture of Scrag Brown and Flayed One Flesh
  • Eyes were painted Mephiston Red
  • Trimming were picked out in gold
  • Hammer was painted grey and dry-brushed with a lighter grey
  • The chain was picked out in Ironbreaker
  • Fur was highlighted with successive layers of watered down Scrag Brown
Beastman06 All non-fur portions of the model were then given a heavy wash with watered down black.

Finally, the various areas were highlighted with their base colour, and the pupils in the eyes picked out in black.


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