Painting: Arcadia Quest – Minotaur

Continuing with my painting of the excellent Arcadia Quest miniatures, I did the Minotaur.


MT1 As with all the miniatures, they were base-coated in a light grey.
MT2 Once again, I started with the largest surface area, which was the fur. I base-coated all the fur with a dark brown mixture. I used a little blue in the mixture to keep the colour cooler as I wanted a different feel than the Hammer Beastmen I had already painted.
MT3 I then dry-bushed the fur with brown and gave it a dark wash.
MT4 Multiple highlights of watered down brown were applied to get a nice gradient highlight
MT5 The rest of the miniature was base coated with various colours
MT6 The non-fur areas were given a wash with watered down black paint

The final highlights were applied, including a white dry-brush for the mohawk, goatee  and tail and a few layers of adding white paint to the metallic silver to further define the weapons.


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