Enjoy the little things

It was Kurt Vonnegut Jr. who first said “Enjoy the little things…” and it’s been on so many motivational posters that it’s all but lost it’s impact. Even so, I think it’s a very important statement.

The world we live in is faster and fuller than ever before. We are constantly racing from one piece of information to the next, barely being able to take in what’s happening before we move off to the next thing. While we’re all running at this frantic pace, I think it’s important to take a breath every once in a while to enjoy something. A moment. An achievement. A particularly beautiful view.

I recently had a moment like that. Last weekend was SharePoint Saturday Johannesburg, and for the event my co-host and I printed some t-shirts for my podcast (http://2guysandsharepoint.co.za). Having T-shirts printed isn’t really a big deal, but it was quite a thing for me. This was the first piece of branded anything for something that I’ve had a hand in creating, and to me it was a novel and exciting experience.

I know it’s a not a big deal, and doesn’t even signify that much, but I slowed down for a bit and allowed myself to enjoy that moment. It was awesome. It is awesome.

Not much point to this post other than to share that moment with you, and perhaps to remind everyone that every once it’s a while… it’s good to enjoy the little things.


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